How to make sure your kids are as happy as you would like

When asking parents what they truly want for their kids, what do you think is the most common reply?
They want their children to be happy. Obviously, when raising children, it's not easy to find the right balance between what has to be done and what would make them happy. Still they don't have to be mutually exclusive.

And it's important to focus on both things. Happier kids are more likely to turn into successful, accomplished adults. And as a parent, that's usually what we aspire for, for our kids

There are many ways, to do so, but today I just wanted to share one which is the most important to me and to my family. It may sound obvious, but believe me it's the most overlooked, as we tend to be so focused on how to raise kids and what they should do, that we forget about ourselves.

So here it is:

Phase 1: Be Happy Yourself!

How happy you are dramatically affects how your kids feel, how happy they are. If you don't remember your childhood, you can have a look around yourself, when you see angry parents, you almost never see a smiling, laughing kid, right?

So it starts with us.

Being able to handle our emotions, overcome our beliefs and old patterns to make sure we live the moment with our kids and act / react the right way, not the way we were taught to or we believed is the right one. Removing all these veils is what frees us from the past and most of the time gives us the freedom to enjoy the moment, the people we share it with, and thus be a lot happier.

We wanted to test whether being better at reading in childhood would be linked with a rise through the social ranks: a better job, better housing, and higher income as an adult" Ritchie & Bates

Only then your kids (and everyone around you in fact) will feel it and also feel part of that moment, enjoy this shared freedom in a collective happiness.

When you feel you're stuck in old patterns, and you can't get out of those, take some time off, have some good time with good and reliable friends, let happiness resonate in you, so in turn, when you get back to your daily duties, the echo of this freedom and happiness will permeate into your daily actions.

That's one way to do it, there are many others for sure, but this one is what I found is the most important to me. I hope this helps, at least put things into perspective.

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