The Top 5 Mudras For Good Health 

What is a Mudra? Mudras are a non-verbal mode of communication and self-expression, consisting of hand gestures and finger-postures. They are a symbolic or ritual gesture in originating out of Hinduism and Buddhism. While some madras involve the entire body, most are performed with the hands and fingers. It is said they deal with subtle energies and can actually "teleport" teachings, information or messages through "intuition" or telepathy. In am more particle sense a Mudra does represent a specific "typographical symbolism" or teaching that has been passed down from the maters. It is these commonly know interpretations that we will discuss here for your enlightenment.

1. We feel the most popular Mudra found in religious art today is "Bhumisparsha mudra" - The Earth Touching Mudra. Literally Bhumisparsha translates into 'touching the earth'. This mudra tells a beautiful story of The Buddha. Just before his Enlightenment The Buddha was attacked and tempted by the evil being Mara. The Buddha is sitting under the Bodhi tree in the Earth Touching posture, Calling the Earth to Witness, his victory over Mara's attacks. 

2. Dharmachakra mudra- the 'Wheel of Dharma mudra. Though #2 on our list this is the of a most significant mudra because it represnts the time just after Lord Buddha's Enlightenment where he give his FIRST sermon / teachings of the DHARMA. [Dharma- simple put is: the ritual, ethical and Spiritual teachings for conduct and consciousness evolution.] In this mudra the thumb and index finger of both hands touch at their tips to form a circle. 

I am just in love with and captivated by the "Varada mudra- The compassion, charity and fulfilled wish mudra."

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5. Abhaya Mudra- The Fearless mudra. Thus this mudra symbolizes protection, peace, and the dispelling of fear. It is made with the right hand raised to shoulder height, the arm crooked, the palm of the hand facing outward, and the fingers upright and joined. Whether you are mediating with this mudra or offering it across a crowded room as a greeting; what a beautiful sentiment and gift to commune with or communicate!

4. How could a concept such as "perfection" rank number 4 on our list... but when one journeys along a spiritual path... the Dhyana mudra arrives in its own "perfect timing." The Dhyana mudra- the mudra of meditation, of concentration on the Good law, and of the attainment of spiritual perfection is said to have existed before time immortal. This gesture has been practiced by yogis and even the Buddha "before" enlightenment as its gift is to initiate the sangha because during their meditation and concentration exercises with this mudra it indicates the perfect balance of thought, rest of the senses, and tranquility. Simple put concentrating with this mudra assists mortals to dissolve the delusion of attachments to earthly things.

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